The idea of this brand came to our mind in summer 2015. We are three brothers : Thomas, Daniel and David Flaccadori

and we live in the wonderful geographical area by the lake, near Bergamo. United by our love for fashion and for the culture of street wear,

we decided to register the trademark UPDFQ. With its strange-sounding name, this ironical brand

can say a lot about our attitude and the commitment we want to communicate to whoever desires to join us in our team.

The trademark UPDFQ has led to the creation of a logo with a clear and emotional impact. The aim of UPDFQ  

is to produce clothes labelled “Made in Italy” with original graphics completely designed by an artist. 

This makes us distinguish ourselves from all other existing brands. Thanks to our curious ironical graphics

 easy to wear on every occasion  we  are sure to reach our target: young customers. We strive to achieve your satisfaction and

become your friends. The Italian branding can obviously rely on the huge cultural heritage of our wonderful country.

Therefore the products of UPDFQ are totally manufactured in Italy and reveal their personality and beauty.

Our project is and will always be continuously evolving. It is inspired by the relentless search for new ideas and the modern reinterpretation

of the great art of the past, which is not only ironically but also finely and elegantly revisited to pursue the mission and ideas of the brand.



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